About Gifted Children

What do we know about gifted children? Plenty! But much of what we “know” isn’t true. Learn to distinguish between the myths and the reality. More »

Toys for Gifted Kids

Too many toys packed away in the closet or under the bed after only a few weeks (or days...or hours) of play? Find some toys your child will be sure to find fun, entertaining, and challenging. More »

Books for Gifted Kids

Gifted kids are often avid readers, but some need to be encouraged to read. Whether your child can\'t get enough to read or needs to be encouraged, you\'ll want some good books. More »

Information for Parents

Parenting a gifted child can be a challenge, more than most people realize. While gifted kids can be delightful, they can also be...difficult. And since most people don\'t understand what it\'s like to be the parent of a gifted child, it can be lonely and isolating. Here is some help. More »


Verbally Gifted Children – Who Are They and What Do They Need?


Verbally gifted children are those who excel in the verbal domain. That means that they have exceptional ability in areas relating to language: reading, writing, and speaking. Those areas are critical for success in school, so we would expect these children to excel in school. However, the exact opposite is true. Verbally gifted children are more at risk for underachievement than because they are far less likely to have their specific needs met in school than any other group of gifted children.

School Daze – Closing the Door to Wonder

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Many of our children have had at least one encounter with what I call a toxic teacher. If your child never had one, count your blessings. These are the teachers who not only fail to help our children thrive, but can actually cause harm. I wrote about the toxic teacher my son had in third grade. It was a horrible experience for my son – and for me. Some toxic teachers are more toxic than others, but regardless of the level of toxicity, they all have something in common – they can stifle a child’s curiosity and sense of wonder.

How is Giftedness Like Poetry?

Giftedness is Like Poetry

If you’ve met one gifted kid, you’ve met one gifted kid. In other words, gifted kids are not identical widgets produced on an assembly line. Each gifted child is unique. Isn’t that what we say about all children? Every child is unique. We certainly don’t expect other children to be identical. We readily recognize and accept that different children have different strengths, weaknesses, and needs. But we also recognize that they share many of the same characteristics. Pick up any child psychology book if you don’t believe me. So why is it so hard for people to understand that gifted children share many traits, but are also unique individuals?

10 of the Best Toys for Gifted Toddlers

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Gifted toddlers are like all gifted children – they need plenty of intellectual stimulation. When they don’t get it, they can get pretty cranky! It’s so much fun to provide that stimulation to them. After all, the world is still quite new to them. They need to explore everything and learn not just about letters and numbers, but about art, music, geography, science, and every other part of the world and universe! But toddlers can’t just sit around taking in information. Because they tend to be active, they also need to expend some of their energy. The toys listed here will keep your toddler challenge and active!

Dropping the “Gifted” Label – A Solution that Solves Nothing

Gifted Label

The call to drop the label “gifted” is heard often, and from people with different views and opinions of giftedness and the gifted. Regardless of who is making the call, the reasoning behind it is almost always to benefit all children, even those most often labeled “gifted.” But while eliminating the label might be well-intentioned, it solves nothing. In fact is likely to create additional problems, particularly for gifted children.