About Gifted Children

What do we know about gifted children? Plenty! But much of what we “know” isn’t true. Learn to distinguish between the myths and the reality. More »

Toys for Gifted Kids

Too many toys packed away in the closet or under the bed after only a few weeks (or days...or hours) of play? Find some toys your child will be sure to find fun, entertaining, and challenging. More »

Books for Gifted Kids

Gifted kids are often avid readers, but some need to be encouraged to read. Whether your child can\'t get enough to read or needs to be encouraged, you\'ll want some good books. More »

Information for Parents

Parenting a gifted child can be a challenge, more than most people realize. While gifted kids can be delightful, they can also be...difficult. And since most people don\'t understand what it\'s like to be the parent of a gifted child, it can be lonely and isolating. Here is some help. More »


Dropping the “Gifted” Label – A Solution that Solves Nothing

Gifted Label

The call to drop the label “gifted” is heard often, and from people with different views and opinions of giftedness and the gifted. Regardless of who is making the call, the reasoning behind it is almost always to benefit all children, even those most often labeled “gifted.” But while eliminating the label might be well-intentioned, it solves nothing. In fact is likely to create additional problems, particularly for gifted children.

To Push or Not to Push – Is That Really the Question?

Pushy mom reaing physics book to child

The issue of pushing children to excel is one that comes up all the time – especially when it involves gifted children. On the one hand, some people argue that parents need to push their children to do their best. Parents of gifted kids, on the other hand, are often told to stop pushing their kids, to let their kids be kids. So what exactly are parents supposed to do? Should they push their kids or not? But maybe we aren’t asking the right question. Perhaps we should start by asking what it means to “push” children.

10 Great Toys and Games for Gifted Kids

Family Game of Set

It’s unlikely that you’ll find a toy that all gifted children will like, but your chances of finding a toy that your own gifted child will like is greater if you look for toys that challenge her to think and holds her interest. The toys and games listed here perennial favorites among the gifted, and whether your child loves language, logic, science, engineering, or just plain loves a challenge, he’ll no doubt enjoy many of the items on this list.

Don’t Know About Giftedness? Don’t Give Advice to Parents of GT Kids

lucy the psychologist doesn't know what she's doing

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of reading advice given to parents of gifted kids by people who know nothing about gifted children. It’s bad enough when the average person provides advice, but it’s much worse when the person giving the advice is a professional psychologist. The latest piece of advice I encountered is an answer to a parent who asked whether she should enroll her four-year-old daughter in kindergarten, skipping a pre-k class. The answer to that question should never be a blanket yes or no. Too many various factors need to be considered, but Samantha Rodman, the psychologist who answered the question gave her an absolute “no.” What she says in her answer tells me that she knows very little about gifted kids.

July Calendar of Holidays and Observances


It can be a challenge to keep kids entertained and busy during the summer months. With no school to keep them busy, they can get bored. Of course, many kids these days escape boredom by spending hours in front of one screen or another: the television, computer, cell phone, tablet, or one of several different gaming systems. Rather than spending that time in front of a screen, your child can spend time with  fun, learning activities.