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What do we know about gifted children? Plenty! But much of what we “know” isn’t true. Learn to distinguish between the myths and the reality. More »

Toys for Gifted Kids

Too many toys packed away in the closet or under the bed after only a few weeks (or days...or hours) of play? Find some toys your child will be sure to find fun, entertaining, and challenging. More »

Books for Gifted Kids

Gifted kids are often avid readers, but some need to be encouraged to read. Whether your child can\'t get enough to read or needs to be encouraged, you\'ll want some good books. More »

Information for Parents

Parenting a gifted child can be a challenge, more than most people realize. While gifted kids can be delightful, they can also be...difficult. And since most people don\'t understand what it\'s like to be the parent of a gifted child, it can be lonely and isolating. Here is some help. More »


Socialization? What’s That?

Socialization - It's not what you think it is

“Tell me, Mrs. Smith, did Johnny go to preschool? I know he’s an only child, and an only child can have problems socializing with other children in kindergarten if he hasn’t attended preschool.”

“I’m concerned about Johnny’s social skills, Mrs. Smith. The other children seem to want to play with him, but he doesn’t respond. Has he had any opportunities to spend time with other children his age?”

“No, Mrs. Smith, it really isn’t a good idea for Johnny to skip a grade. Academics aren’t everything, you know. Socialization is also very important.”

Listening to comments like these, I always wonder how humans managed to become part of civilized society before children were required to attend school, separated into different classes based on their age.

4 Creative Ideas for Kids’ Halloween Fun

Child's Halloween drawing

The holidays offer some wonderful opportunities to nurture your child’s creativity. Halloween is one of the best holidays for creative fun. Regardless of your child’s strengths and interests, you can find some fun activities for your child to do that will nurture those strengths and maybe even encourage new interests. Here are 4 creative activities for kids who are verbally gifted, mathematically gifted, or musically or artistically talented.

7 Quick, Easy, and Creative Halloween Costumes


Some gifted kids aren’t particularly impressed with ready-made costumes available in stores. If you’re talented, you can make your own costumes, but let’s face it: we aren’t all that talented. Some of use are lucky if we can use a safety pin without pricking our fingers. Or maybe you are quite talented, but your child just can’t decide what he wants to be for Halloween. You’re running out of time and stores are running out of the best costumes. No worries! Check out these 7 easy idiom-based costumes that are fast and easy. They are sure to appeal to gifted kids – especially the verbally gifted ones!

7 Halloween Costumes Gifted Kids Will Love

zombie hunter

Halloween is the day when we can indulge our fantasies and be who and what we want to be for just that one day. Kids can be the kind of person they hope to grow up to be – a police officer, a fire fighter, or an astronaut. They can also fight their fears or just have fun being scary by dressing up as a soul taker or a zombie hunter. And they can pretend to be a character in one of their favorite movies like a Star Wars Storm Trooper or a Ghost Buster.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Book for Your Child

young girl reading in the library

Does your child enjoy the latest and most popular children’s books? If so, consider yourself lucky. For many parents of gifted children, finding books that fit their child’s interests and reading ability can be a challenge. It’s not impossible, though, if you know what to consider as you search for books for your child. Fortunately,  there are four criteria that can help you find the right books for your child.