About Gifted Children

What do we know about gifted children? Plenty! But much of what we “know” isn’t true. Learn to distinguish between the myths and the reality. More »

Toys for Gifted Kids

Too many toys packed away in the closet or under the bed after only a few weeks (or days...or hours) of play? Find some toys your child will be sure to find fun, entertaining, and challenging. More »

Books for Gifted Kids

Gifted kids are often avid readers, but some need to be encouraged to read. Whether your child can\'t get enough to read or needs to be encouraged, you\'ll want some good books. More »

Information for Parents

Parenting a gifted child can be a challenge, more than most people realize. While gifted kids can be delightful, they can also be...difficult. And since most people don\'t understand what it\'s like to be the parent of a gifted child, it can be lonely and isolating. Here is some help. More »


Sesame Street Themed Toys

Alphabet Learning Elmo

It’s hard to find a child who doesn’t enjoy Sesame Street and the adorable characters that dwell there. As long as Sesame Street exists and there are children who love it, there will be toys to make those children happy. Here are some of the best of the many toys available.

What Would You Do?

what would you do?

Lisa looked around the room. Everyone seemed so busy. What were they doing? She was sure the boss had said to come prepared. She was ready. Or was she? Had she missed something? Vicky was busy writing. Tim was searching for something in a book. Maybe she should ask the boss what they were supposed to be doing. No. That wouldn’t work. The boss would just get annoyed. She seemed to get annoyed at just about everything Lisa did these days.

Lisa looked at the clock. It was nearly 11:30. How would there be enough time for everyone to present their ideas before lunch? She had been so confident when she left the house. For the first time in quite a while, she actually spent time on what the boss had asked them all to do. She liked the task she had been given, so that helped. She enjoyed working out the details of the project, enjoyed the research she had to do. Her final report, she thought, was good. But maybe she hadn’t done enough. Her anxiety was on the express elevator going up and would soon be at the top level.

“Calm down,” Lisa told herself. It was so much easier when she just didn’t bother trying. That was a trick she had learned a couple years after starting this job. She remembered when she first started. She was eager and ready to learn all she could. She was sure she would do well. But then she realized that her coworkers weren’t as interested as she was, and they seemed to work at a snail’s pace. She often wished she had button she could push to make things speed up. Like this meeting.

Socialization? What’s That?

Socialization - It's not what you think it is

“Tell me, Mrs. Smith, did Johnny go to preschool? I know he’s an only child, and an only child can have problems socializing with other children in kindergarten if he hasn’t attended preschool.”

“I’m concerned about Johnny’s social skills, Mrs. Smith. The other children seem to want to play with him, but he doesn’t respond. Has he had any opportunities to spend time with other children his age?”

“No, Mrs. Smith, it really isn’t a good idea for Johnny to skip a grade. Academics aren’t everything, you know. Socialization is also very important.”

Listening to comments like these, I always wonder how humans managed to become part of civilized society before children were required to attend school, separated into different classes based on their age.

4 Creative Ideas for Kids’ Halloween Fun

Child's Halloween drawing

The holidays offer some wonderful opportunities to nurture your child’s creativity. Halloween is one of the best holidays for creative fun. Regardless of your child’s strengths and interests, you can find some fun activities for your child to do that will nurture those strengths and maybe even encourage new interests. Here are 4 creative activities for kids who are verbally gifted, mathematically gifted, or musically or artistically talented.

7 Quick, Easy, and Creative Halloween Costumes


Some gifted kids aren’t particularly impressed with ready-made costumes available in stores. If you’re talented, you can make your own costumes, but let’s face it: we aren’t all that talented. Some of use are lucky if we can use a safety pin without pricking our fingers. Or maybe you are quite talented, but your child just can’t decide what he wants to be for Halloween. You’re running out of time and stores are running out of the best costumes. No worries! Check out these 7 easy idiom-based costumes that are fast and easy. They are sure to appeal to gifted kids – especially the verbally gifted ones!