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Many gifted children love to read, but not all do. If your child is one who loves to read, you probably can't have enough books in the house. Your child is likely to read everything.

However, some children prefer non-fiction to fiction. That's okay as long as they're reading.

Other gifted children, though, aren't fond of reading; They have other interests, such as math. The trick with them is to find books on subjects they enjoy - that includes math, even math fiction!


All About Gifted Kids

Because gifted children tend to love to read, it can be difficult to have enough books for them! And sometimes it's hard to know the kinds of books they like, especially when they're just beginning to read.

Gifts for Learning makes it easy for you by offering only those books that gifted children tend to enjoy, both fiction and non-fiction.

Not all gifted children will enjoy all the same books, so you still need to figure out what kinds of books your child likes.  To help you figure that out, take your child to the public library often and pull out a variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction, for him or her to look at.  Observe your child's reaction to the books and should be able to tell what kinds of books your child likes.

There are other criteria to keep in mind besides your child's interests.  It's a good idea to consider age and reading level as well.  Gifted children, especially early readers, tend to be able to read and enjoy books written for older children, although it's always important to consider content.  You don't want to get a book for your child that is at an appropriate reading level, but which contains inappropriate content. 

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Parents are always looking for information about their gifted child. They also search for the right toys and games as well as books that will interest and challenge their child. GFL was created to help them  find everything they need.  Read more.

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