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Some gifted children are voracious readers. They can't get enough of books. Quite often their favorite reading material is fiction.

Children can become immersed in the stories that carry them away to different worlds.

If your child isn't a fan of fiction, try some of these books. Your child's lack of interest might be due to disinterest in the topics of most popular books.


All About Gifted Kids

Gifted children have vivid imaginations, so it's no surprise that one of their favorite book genres is high fantasy.  What is high fantasy? In general, it consists of stories that take place in elaborately imaginative worlds.

It's not just the these fascinating worlds that appeal to gifted kids; it's also their focus on the struggle between good and evil. Many gifted children have a strong moral code and are deeply concerned about the justice, fairness -- and issues of right and wrong.

Three of the four all-time favorites are stories that are considered high fantasy: Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. Books by Roald Dahl, the fourth all-time favorite, contain many elements of high fantasy.

In addition to the books of high fantasy, are other fantasy books, such as Avalon and The Magic Tree House series.  Since gifted children love to learn, they also enjoy historial fiction and Gifts for Learning has numerous books available with stories that take place in virtually every time and place from the ancient Greeks to Medieval Europe to more recent history in the United States and beyond.

Another top favorite genre of gifted kids is the mystery.  Gifts for Learning has many selections available from the mystery series gifted kids love best, including Encyclopedia Brown and Nate the Great.

Finally, for those gifted kids who love math, you can can stories with math at the center and for those gifted kids who love words and language, you can find wonderfully funny books with word play.

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