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While many gifted children love to read fiction, many don't. They still love to read, but their favorite reading material is nonfiction.

Nonfiction books help quench their incredible thirst for knowledge. You can find some excellent books here on just about every topic a kid might be interested in.


Nonfiction Books for Kids

Gifted children love to learn so it's no surprise that they enjoy reading non-fiction books.

Gifts for Learning offers books to satisfy just about every possible interest from the typical favorites of dinosaurs and space to less typical interests such as business.

Kids who love history can find books on the history of virtually any place in the world and from virtually any time period from prehistoric to medieval to early modern. And related to history are books on mythology.

Gifted kids who love biographies can find biographies. Music lovers can find books about music whether it's the history of music (and musical intruments) or instruction books.

Mathematically gifted kids can find books about math, while verbally gifted kids can find books about creative writing and foreign languages. And all gifted kids can find a variety of dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Books are also available on just about every area of science imaginable from space to electronics to physics to geology and much more.

Some books, like DK and Eyewitness books are available on a wide variety of topics and are all beautifully illustrated.

Some of the books are about gifted kids themselves. Sometimes gifted children have problems that come as a result of their giftedness, having trouble fitting in, for example. These books are designed to help gifted kids come to terms with their giftedness

The books are available for a wide range of reading abilities, as much as possible. As with all books for gifted children, age should not be the sole criteria for choosing books.

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