Learning About Gifted Kids

To fully understand gifted kids, it's important to learn about what it means to be gifted, to know just what giftedness is.

Understanding the concepts can help you better understand your child and your child's needs.


All About Gifted Kids

gifted boy with magnifying glassParents of gifted children often suspect that their children are a bit different from other children. They may even recognize that their children are very smart. They wonder, though, if their children are bright or gifted.

Myths sometimes keep them from recognizing the giftedness in their children and make it incredibly difficult to get people to understand that gifted children have special needs.

One such myth is the belief that all children are gifted. It reflects a lovely sentiment, one that appeals to our democratic sentiments on equality.

However, no matter how much we want all children to be equal, they aren't. All children aren't gifted any more than all children are mentally challenged. Children exist on both ends of the spectrum and denying that is no more democratic than denying the existence of mentally challenged children. All children may have gifts, but all children are not gifted!  Michael Clay Thompson has eloquently addressed this myth in his article "A Response to the All-Children-Are-Gifted Comment."

If you are wondering about your child, take a look at the characteristics of gifted children. You might also read a brief answer to the question "Is My Child Gifted."

It's also a good idea to learn as much about gifted children as you can.  Many excellent books about gifted children are available; the best among them are recommended in the book sections on and Needs and Parenting.

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