Learning About Gifted Kids

To fully understand gifted kids, it's important to learn about what it means to be gifted, to know just what giftedness is.

Understanding the concepts can help you better understand your child and your child's needs.


Parenting Gifted Children

Gifted children can be a challenge to parent. While they are bright, curious, sensitive, and often funny, they can also be strong-willed, stubborn, argumentative, and downright frustrating! If you have a gifted child, you certainly understand this range of characteristics.

If you aren't sure your child is gifted, you might want to look over the list of traits typically found in gifted children. Some parents aren't aware their children are gifted.  They just know their child seems to be a little different from other children. Their children may exhibit several puzzling behaviors that are often attributed to ADHD, ODD, or any of a number of disorders or syndromes.


  • Talk like an adult one-minute, discussing issues of homelessness and poverty, then throw a temper tantrum the next minute because he doesn’t get what he wants -- instantly?
  • Wear you out with her endless questions?
  • Exhaust you with his seemingly boundless energy?
  • Get frustrated because her work is less than perfect?
  • Get totally absorbed in activities and thoughts?
  • Have an excellent memory – except for bringing home schoolbooks, doing homework, or turning in completed homework?
  • Score high on achievement tests, but get D’s on her report card?
  • Manage to get A's even though he's disorganized and does his homework at the last minute?
  • Seem unusually sensitive, either emotionally or physically, or both?


If you answered "yes" to some of these questions, chances are quite good that your child is gifted.  Gifts for Learning provides several sources to help you on your journey of gifted parenting, including books about gifted children and parenting gifted children, state and national resources as well as other sources and information parents of gifted children might find useful.

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