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If you are like me, you've had a hard time finding toys for your gifted child. Many toys just don't hold their interest for long. There are several reasons for this. One is that the toy is too young for them. Parents often buy toys recommended for the age of their child.

However, gifted kids are often ready for toys meant for older children. For example, a toy that is supposed to be for children ages 6 to 9 might really be more appropriate for a gifted child who is much younger.

Another reason some toys don't hold the interest of gifted children is that the kids don't learn from them or can't use their imaginations. In most cases, gifted kids like toys that engage their minds or talents. They rarely have to be "tricked" into learning from toys. Learning toys are usually the kinds they enjoy most!


Toys for Gifted Kids

Gifted children, like all children, like to play and have fun, but it can be difficult sometimes for parents of gifted kids to find toys that hold their interest. Gifts for Learning can make finding the right toys easier. We have many toy suggestions for children of all ages.

child paintingArts and Crafts

The arts and crafts pages include a variety of supplies, from painting aprons to art desks, from clay to paint supplies. You can also find art kits and craft kits and supplies that can nurture the artistic talents of your child or introduce your child to the world of art.


Chess is a very old game, and one that is a favorite of many gifted children. The chess pages have a wide variety of chess sets, from sets for beginners to more elaborate sets and even special sets with characters from Lord of the Rings, the Simpsons, and the Muppets.

Girl and ComputerComputers and Software

Technically, computers aren't toys, but kids love them and they are becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity these days. Some believe that computers help gifted kids work smart. You can desktops and laptops here as well as an excellent variety of software that help children learn and explore.

Boy with Construction BlocksConstruction Toys

Most kids enjoy playing with building blocks and we have plenty of those available. However,other kinds of construction sets are available as well. Some use magnets to connect pieces. Others are made up of pieces that snap together like Legos and K'nex. And some include a reusable mortar that is placed on little bricks which in turn are used to build little houses. Some sets are large for little fingers and some are small. Others are jumbo, perfect for building forts.

Girls Playing GamesGames

On the games pages, you can find many of the perenial favorites like Monopoly, but they may have a neat little twist, such as the game Spaceopoly, which is Monopoly with places in space taking the place of streets like Boardwalk and Illinois Avenue. But there are more games, many of which you can't find in the local toy stores -- and which are loved by most gifted kids.

Toddler PlayingInfants and Toddlers

Gifted infants and toddlers, like all gifted children, need plenty of stimulation. The toys recommended at Gifts For Learning will provide that stimulation. The toys include mobiles and other toys for infants as well as a variety of toys for toddlers, from construction toys to music to art and much more!

Girl Dancing Music

The toys on the music pages include a wide variety of musical toys. You'll find the usual kids' keyboards andn guitars, but you'll also find banjos and drums, triangles and tambourines, castanets and recorders, accordions and clarinets -- all just for kids. If you want to move beyond toy versions of instruments for older children, you can find "real" instruments as well. And if that weren't enough, you'll also find other toys that make and use music, like water flutes that children can play with in the bathtub.

Girls Dressed as PrincessesPretend Play

When we think of pretend play, we most often think of children dressing up as princesses, pirates, doctors or superheroes. Gifts for Learning has costumes for those characters and more. But pretend play is much more than playing dress up. Pretend play is play that allows children to use their imaginations and for that they don't need to dress up. Children can also use props, which include anything from puppets to fantasy tents to silk scarves.

Girl Playing with PuzzlePuzzles

We have puzzles of all shapes and sizes for all age groups and at all levels of difficulty. We have large floor puzzles and peg puzzles for toddlers as well as jigsaw puzzles from 100 pieces on up. But we have many more kinds of puzzles besides jigsaw puzzles. We also have tangrams and manipulation puzzles as well as strategy puzzles like the ever-popular Rush Hour Traffic Jam.

Boy with Electronic Handheld GameRobots and Electronics

In the electronics pages at Gifts for Learning, you will find game consoles like Playstation, XBox and Gameboy as well as some great games for them. If you're like many parents, you worry that videogames can be harmful to your child, but some people believe videogames can be beneficial and some evidence supports that belief. If you worry about your child not getting enough exercise, you can also find some wonderful electronic games, like Dance Revolution, that require plenty of movment! You can also find some really fun toys that allow your child to pretend to be spies. And don't forget robots! Many gifted kids love robots and putting them together, getting them to work. You'll find a variety here for beginners on up.

Boy Looking in MicroscopeScience

Gifted kids love science, so science toys are excellent choices for most of them. At Gifts for Learning, we offer toys and kits for all the sciences: biology, geology, geography, physics, chemistry, meterology, space, electricity, magnetism, and just about anything else you can think of. Children can learn about the weather, volcanoes, solar energy and the universe. You can choose from a number of kits and activities. There are also microscopes and binoculars for kids of all ages.

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