new year's crafts for kidsAs you and your family are preparing to welcome in the New Year, why not give your child an outlet for his or her creativity?  Just provide some supplies, and maybe a little guidance, and your child can create some wonderful crafts that are not only fun to make, but can be both symbolic and meaningful.

Time Capsule Craft

This craft makes a wonderful family project. Your child can create the “capsule” from an empty box, coffee can, or cookie tin. Anything that can be decorated in some way can be used for the capsule, and your child can decorate it any way she likes. The only condition is that somewhere on the container should be the date the capsule should be opened. You can make it five years or ten years or even twenty years!  Imagine how much fun it will be to open the capsule when the children are grown and the family has gathered for the holidays. Although your child can make the capsule, everyone in the family can contribute at least one item to include in the capsule. Explain to your child what a time capsule is for so she’ll understand it’s not something to be opened the next year. To reminisce about the previous years activities, have your child create a memory box. Between the memory boxes and the time capsules, your family will have much to remind them of the events of days and years past.

Lucky Penny Doll

When I was little, my grandmother used to give each of us a wish. I don’t mean that she made one of our wishes come true, but she’d tell us stuff like “May you have good health.”  It was a really nice gesture and each of us was supposed to give a wish to other family members. Your family can do something similar by using these lucky penny dolls. It’s a very simple craft made with a craft stick, some paper, and a couple of pennies. This could be a fun family activity with each person making a lucky penny doll for each other person in the family. Then when the clock strikes twelve, everyone can give a penny doll to each other person and give them a wish.

Wishes Can Come True

Is there something that your child wants and didn’t get as a gift over the holidays? This craft is not only fun and easy to make, it can help your child save money for something she wishes for. It is a homemade bank that can be made using a box or a empty coffee can. Your child can decorate it with pictures of what she wants. She can draw the pictures or find some online that she can print out and paste on the container. What is especially great about this craft is that it can also help your child understand the value of working toward a goal and also the value of earning money. You might find your child asking you want she can do to earn some money to put in her “wish bank.”

Resolution Magnet

Almost everyone resolves to do something or change something in the new year. We all make at least one New Year’s Resolution, but we aren’t always successful in sticking with our resolve. It’s even harder for the kids to keep them. Quite often, the problem isn’t really with us, but with kinds of things we resolve to do. Help your child make good resolutions that he will be more likely to keep. It does take a little thought and effort. Then, to remind your child all year long, have him make this cute resolution magnet. Let him be creative in the design. You can even encourage him to include parts of his plan on his magnet.  And…it doesn’t even have to be a magnet!  It can be a sign your child can put on his door or hang on his bedroom wall.

Memory Box

I love this idea! The instructions for this memory box require a shoebox, but really any container will do, even an empty coffee can. Whatever your child uses will determine how it can be decorated, but the basic idea is the same. After the box is decorated, have your child fill it with ticket stubs, pictures, certificates, letters, and any other mementos from the year.  What I love about this craft is that it can come out on New Year’s the following year and your child – and the whole family – can take a little trip down memory lane and recall the special events of the previous year. Another great thing about this craft is that these memory boxes serve as a way to store all those mementos for years to come (even after your child leaves the nest) and you’ll know exactly what year everything belongs to!

Countdown Clock

If your child is old enough to stay up to see the New Year in, you’ll notice that he might get a little excited and even a little impatient waiting out those last few hours. Why not have him create this cute clock made with some simple supplies, like a paper plate and a metal fastener? He can make as fancy or simple of a clock as he likes, depending on how creative he wants to get. The clock can be painted, or colored with crayons or markers. It can have glue and glitter, just anything your child might want to use to decorate the clock. Another fun countdown clock is made out of balloons. This one is a lot of fun for kids.

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As you and your family are preparing to welcome in the New Year, why not give your child an outlet for his or her creativity?  Just provide some supplies, and maybe a little guidance, and your child can create some wonderful crafts that are not only fun to make,...