frustrated familyRaising a gifted child is a roller coaster ride. On the upside, it is fun and exciting. On the downside, it is frustrating and exhausting. Where can you go for help?

Ideally, you know other parents of gifted children who know what it’s like to the the parent of a gifted child and  with whom you can share stories — without worrying that they think you are bragging.


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Gifted Conferences, Events & Gatherings
The Hoagies Gifted Education site has a page full of conferences, events, and gatherings that are of interest to parents of gifted kids (and teachers, too). You’ll find information on state and national conferences, local conferences for cities like Boston, and even some outside the US. After all, gifted kids exist everywhere.

Gifted By State
The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) provides a list of state gifted organizations. These organizations exist to advocate for gifted children, inform teachers, and support parents. If you don’t know where else to go for help, start with your state gifted association.