group of children in schoolMany parents of gifted children find that their children are not being challenged in school. Work is too easy, the children are bored, or they simply aren’t learning anything new. What is a parent to do?

Several options are available for these children. Some of them depend on the school the children attend, but others are available outside of school or even in a different school.

Discover what these options are and how to determine which ones are best for your child.


My Gifted Child is Not a Sacrificial Lamb: The Question of Support for Public Schooling

College or Trade School? What’s Best for Gifted Kids?

Do you support public education?

Gifted Homeschoolers Forum
Because of the problems parents of gifted kids have getting their child’s academic needs met, many turn to homeschooling. GHF’s site has a wealth of information about homeschooling gifted kids. But that’s not all you can find on their site.

Program Delivery Models for the Gifted
This article from Duke University provides and excellent summary of the various kinds of education options available for gifted kids. While the article is fairly old, the types of programs haven’t changed. I doubt that the percentages for the use of each type has changed much either.