Family with gifted childrenSome say that being a parent is the hardest job in the world. It’s is a tough one – and it’s even tougher for parents of gifted children. Gifted kids can make home life even more complicated than life in the typical household. Among other problems like too many activities and sibling rivalry, parents can disagree over a child’s giftedness and what to do about it.


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Although this article by Kathi Kearny is a pretty old one, what is says is as true today as it was many years ago when it was written. It’s also quite thorough. I can’t think of a topic affecting parenting gifted children that she doesn’t touch on.

Tips for Parents: How Gifted Children Impact the Family
Sylvia Rimm provides some great tips for parents with gifted kids. These tips can help make things run more smoothly in a household with a gifted child.