Father's Day activitiesFather’s Day is a day to focus on Dad. It’s a day when kids can not just show Dad how much they love and appreciate him.  There are a number of ways kids can show Dad some love on Father’s Day, but here are some ways that focus on Dad and what makes him so special. What’s fun is that some of these Father’s Day activities can be combined with others. For example, kids can talk to Dad about what he likes and likes to do. Then they can write a story about it or make a little booklet.

Word Searches

Kids who like word search puzzles can complete a puzzle with dad as the theme. What better way to think about dad than looking for words that are all about dad? Here are a few good puzzles.

  • Things To Do With Dad
    This is a pretty cool word search. It’s an interactive puzzle that kids can do online or that you can print out for them to do on paper. What makes it cool is that it will generate different puzzles that you can print – all including fun things to do with Dad!
  • Father’s Day Word Search
    This is another interactive online word search puzzle. It has one that can be completed online or printed. And if you want to make a harder one, you have the option of creating a puzzle for your child. Of course, your child can also make one for Dad, too!

For dads who like to work on word search puzzles themselves, kids can create a word unique puzzle that Dad can work on himself by visiting Puzzle-Maker.com. That site has a word search puzzle maker that kids can use to create as many puzzles as they want. To create a puzzle, they just need to list the words they want to in the puzzle. The words can be those that are special for Dad, like the child’s name, Dad’s name, his occupation, his hobbies, his favorite author, sports team, and anything else that represents Dad. Dad can have fun finding all the words and see that the kids appreciate him and what he does and knows what he likes. Each member of the family can create a word search puzzle for Dad.

Crafts and Creative Activities

If your child wants to be creative and “crafty,” he or she can find a number of great crafts to make for dad. Even though there are some really cool ideas, it’s always nice to make something personalized and from the heart. The same ideas used for Mom can also be adapted to use for Dad.

  1. Make an “I Appreciate Dad ” book
    This kind of book is a way for kids to think about all that Dad does and ends up as a great Father’s Day gift. It doesn’t need to take days and days either.  Kids can spend part of Father’s Day working on this little book.Kids can draw pictures of Dad doing the things that they appreciate: playing catch, going fishing, reading a bedtime story, cheering at a sports game, and anything else the child loves about Dad. It’s not necessary to be a great artist either since the picture can be quite simple. A picture that illustrates fishing can be a picture of a fish! Kids can even use free free clip art to illustrate activities or to decorate a Father’s Day book.Each picture would have a short explanation of why the child loves that special thing about Dad. For example, what is special about playing catch with Dad in the back yard? One page can be the book’s front cover and when all the pages are done, you can help your child punch holes in the sides of the paper. A ribbon can be put through the holes to tie the pages together to make the book.
  2. Write a Father’s Day Story
    If your child is a budding author and enjoys fiction writing, he won’t need much help or encouragement with this activity. However, if your child needs a little encouragement, you can provide him with some Father’s Day story starters:

Dad-Centered Fun

Father’s Day is all about Dad, so the family needs to let Dad know he’s special, loved and appreciated. What better way to do that than to share Dad’s interests with him?

  1. Play Dad’s favorite game
    When the family plays games together, it’s more often than not a game the kids want most to play. Even though Dad will have fun playing those games, on Father’s Day, let Dad choose the game. Take out the games that the family usually plays together and give Dad his choice. Then play and have fun!  That means no fair complaining if Dad doesn’t pick your favorite game!
  2. Ask Dad about his hobbies
    Kids are sometimes too busy with their own interests to think much about what it is that Dad likes to do or maybe what Dad likes to do doesn’t seem all that interesting. Maybe Dad likes woodworking or gardening, but the kids just don’t “get it.” Father’s Day is the day for the kids to make an effort to learn about what Dad likes to do. That interest can be quite a special gift, one that can’t be bought!
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Father's Day is a day to focus on Dad. It's a day when kids can not just show Dad how much they love and appreciate him.  There are a number of ways kids can show Dad some love on Father's Day, but here are some ways that focus on...