Gifted 101 – Getting to Know and Understand Gifted Kids.

Parents of gifted children often suspect that their children are a bit different from other children. They may even recognize that their children are very smart. They wonder, though, if their children are bright or gifted. Find everything you need to know about gifted children here.


Is My Child Gifted?

Are Parents Asking the Wrong Question?

How is Giftedness Like Poetry?

Dropping the “Gifted” Label – A Solution that Solves Nothing

Verbally Gifted Children – Who Are They and What Do They Need?

Characteristics and Needs of Verbally Gifted Children

Why Gifted Kids Can Feel Like Misfits – And What We Can Do About It

Achievement Versus Ability: Why One Isn’t a Sign of the Other

What Is an Introvert?

Some Truths About Gifted Kids

Why Early Reading is a Sign of Giftedness

Why We Need the Gifted Label

12 Reasons Gifted Children Often Feel ‘Different’

Does Learning Make You Smart?

You Really Can’t Create a Gifted Child

Gifted Kids Do NOT all turn out “just fine”

A Rage to Learn

Pathologizing Normal Gifted Behavior

Myths about Gifted Students
The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) has put together a list of myths about gifted kids. You know – like all children are gifted and gifted kids will do just fine on their own. Each myth is followed by the truth about gifted kids.

Is Your Child Gifted? What to Look for and Why You Should Know
This article in Psychology Today by David Palmer provides an excellent explanation of giftedness, including what to look for in a child to know if the child is gifted. If you want to know if your child is gifted – and why you want to know, this is a good article to read. My favorite line is “…you shouldn’t be entirely dependent on the schools when it comes to identification.” Very true.