girl bored in the classroomWhen gifted children aren’t challenged in school, the may become underachievers or they may misbehave. They can also have difficulty socializing with their age mates. Advocating for your child is critical to your child’s success, and knowing how to talk to teachers and principals is an important skill to learn if you want to be a good advocate.


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Darya L. Zabelina discusses underachievement of gifted and talented kids in this article from Psychology Today. She covers quite a bit of territory in this short article, including a discussion of gifted kids being misidentified as having ADHD.

Gifted Underachievers: Underachieving or Refusing to Play the Game?
Celi TrĂ©panier at Crushing Tall Poppies has an interesting take on the underachievement of gifted kids in school. She says that it’s not that the child is failing to achieve but that the school is failing to meet the needs of the gifted child.