group of gifted teensBeing a teenager has never been easy, but it can be harder for gifted teens than it is for non-gifted teens. Gifted teens can feel additional stress due to sensitivity, perfectionism, social isolation, and pressure from adults.


Exploring the Duality of the Gifted Teen: Why a teen’s high IQ can be both a gift and a curse
Elizabeth Donovan provides a thorough explanation of the problems gifted teens have. She covers issues of perfectionism, anxiety, social problems, and the pressure to succeed. She also provides great tips for parents to help their teens cope with these issues.

Ask SENG: Parenting Gifted Teens
Just when parents of gifted kids start feeling comfortable thinking that they finally understand their gifted child, that child turns into a teenager. As all parents know, the teen years lead to new problems. This article from SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) can help you understand and deal with some of those problems.