make a gifted kidYou want one. Everyone does. But until now only some of us have managed to have a gifted kid. Now you too can have one! For the first time ever, you’ll learn just how to make your very own gifted kid. I’m going to let you in on the secret so you too can have the kid you’ve been hoping for, that perfect kid who will sail through school and be guaranteed a successful and happy life! Just follow these simple steps and in a few short years, you’ll have that super kid! To get the best results, you’ll want to start the process early -in utero, but you can still get a fairly gifted kid even if you follow just the last step.

Step One: Play Mozart’s Music

You’ll want to take advantage of the “Mozart Effect,” which tells us that listening to Mozart’s music can make kids smarter. In fact, moms who want a gifted kid should play the music to their fetus while it is still in the womb. You can never start too soon, so as soon as you discover you are pregnant, start playing that music! In fact, I would recommend that you play it before you even get pregnant. As soon as you start thinking about becoming pregnant, start listening to Mozart. You want to create the right internal environment for the zygote and the embryo. You don’t want to miss a moment! Already pregnant? Don’t worry. Just start playing Mozart for your fetus as soon as you can, even if you’re in your last month of pregnancy. And if you’re baby is already born, play Mozart. Just have it piped throughout your home day and night.

Step Two: Show Your Baby Flashcards

Be sure to stock up on flash cards. (Put those on your wish list for your baby shower. You can never have enough of them.) Get the simple flashcards first. Those are the alphabet flashcards and the simple math flashcards with basic addition questions, such as 2+2=?. You can even use these cards for a mobile to hang over your baby’s head in the crib. Just cut off those useless items on mobile you already have, poke holes in some of the flashcards and use the strings to tie them to the mobile. Yes, it’s more work, but it’s well worth the effort if you want that gifted kid! Kids aren’t just born gifted, you know. This early exposure is key making a gifted kid.

Flashcards also give you an excellent opportunity to interact with your baby. Show the question side of the flashcard to your baby, ask the question, then turn the card over, show it to your baby, and then read the answer. As your child gets older, you can use other flashcards with more difficult questions. Don’t worry that your baby can’t answer the questions. When you show the cards and read the questions and the answers, you’re packing your baby’s brain with information, helping him get smarter and smarter every day.

As your child gets older, expect him to provide the answers himself. It is a wonderful way to encourage early language development, a sign of a gifted kid. If you can’t find flashcards on the topic you would like, then make your own out of note cards. That way you can make some with the names of major cities in China if that’s the topic you’d like your gifted kid to use during those times when you’d like her to show off.

Step Three: Read and Talk to Your Kid

Everyone knows that it’s a good idea to read to children, and the sooner, the better. However, if you want that gifted kid, put down the children’s books and pick up some Shakespeare. Talk to your child often, making sure to avoid “baby talk,” the higher pitched tones with sing-song rhythms. Speak as though you are speaking to an adult if you want your child to learn language skills early. Your child will soon sound like a little adult!

Step Four: Start Formal Lessons

Once your child is talking, you can begin formal lessons. One of the first lessons should be for reading. Training your child to read early will provide the foundation for all other learning, so start as soon as your child is talking. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to teach a kid to read. You can find plenty of programs, such as Hooked on Phonics, that can help you out. And, of course, there are flashcards. Your child can be trained to recognize words and phonics programs will help your child sound out new words.

Workbooks will also help you teach your child to read. They will help with other subjects as well. Be sure to do plenty of drills and memorization activities. Gifted kids just love those! Be sure to provide lessons in all subjects, not just reading and math. Include social studies and science, too.

Step Five: Push Push Push!

By now, your child should be stuffed with knowledge and be very smart.  If you worked hard at it, you will most likely have a gifted kid, even if it’s just moderately gifted. But you can’t stop now! You could lose ground. You may have heard that “everything evens out by third grade.” That means that the advantages gifted kids had when they started school have been lost by third grade. This is due to parents simply giving up. It takes a lot of hard work to create a gifted kid, and some parents get worn out.

Never give up and under no circumstances should you accept mediocre work! Gifted children never, ever do mediocre work. It is always perfect. If you were successful in making a gifted kid, you will find that your child loves completing schoolwork. He will eager to achieve to complete homework and achieve high grades. This exceptional achievement will get you lots of bragging points, too!

Some people will accuse you of depriving your child of his childhood. Don’t listen to them! Making a gifted kids takes work. There is not time for playing around! You must always push your kid to be perfect.

Step Six: Teach Appropriate Socialization Skills

When your kid starts school, she will have to deal with ordinary, non-gifted kids. It’s important, therefore, to spend some time teaching her to communicate with inferiors. Have her practice the disdainful look, the eyeroll, the sigh of frustration, punctuated with the “I know!” when some poor soul tries sharing a tidbit of knowledge. These behaviors will single her out as a gifted kid, and the other kids will want nothing to do with her. That’s a good thing. After all, you don’t want her making friends with those children and being subjected to those ordinary birthday parties and sleepovers when she could be learning the Theory of Relativity.


If you followed those simple six steps, you should have a gifted kid to send off to school. Your job isn’t over, though. You now have to see that the gifted kid you just made has his social, emotional, and academic needs met in school. And good luck with that.

The truth is that you cannot create a gifted child. And most parents of gifted children will tell you that while they wanted a child who would do well in school, they did not wish for a gifted child with all that comes with it. We love our children dearly, as do all parents. Our children can be an incredibly joy and pleasure, but they don’t come without problems.

You will need to convince educators that your child needs more challenging work than is offered. You may see your child struggle socially because he’s stuck with his age mates who don’t understand him rather than being with kids who are his intellectual peers. You may be concerned because he seems more sensitive than the other kids. He takes everything to heart and gets hurt so easily.

Don’t expect to get much sympathy from other parents either. Many of them will wonder why you aren’t satisfied with your child’s abilities. They may even tell you to relax. Your kid has it made, has all the advantages. He’ll do just fine on his own. But you know that’s not true. If you have a gifted child, you really can’t give up. You must advocate for your child from the day he sets foot in school until the day he leaves, unless you are very lucky. Or you homeschool.

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You want one. Everyone does. But until now only some of us have managed to have a gifted kid. Now you too can have one! For the first time ever, you'll learn just how to make your very own gifted kid. I'm going to let you in on the...