Rokenbok construction toysWhat child doesn’t love to create and build? It’s one of many reasons that building sets are so popular with kids. We always had plenty of different kinds of construction sets at home and they never failed to keep my son entertained for hours for days on end. Rokenbok building sets are among the best sets available. Sets for the little ones are compatible with sets for the older ones, so they’ll last for years.

Rokenbok Deluxe ROK Blocks (Toy)

Inspire Your Little Engineer! This super set builds all of the deluxe transportation your little one will love, including a semi-truck, jumbo jet, and helicopter. We've also included three additional builds and lessons that align with Common Core School Standards, which introduce things like counting, sorting, shapes, and more. Your child will have a blast building a castle wall and battering ram, happy and sad robots, and a giant pyramid. These easy-to-use, self-aligning, 3-dimensional blocks give even your youngest learners the opportunity to jump into building. The blocks are easy to push together and do not require much hand strength. Additionally, playing with building blocks and construction manipulatives is important for early childhood development. ROK Blocks stimulates your child's imagination and problem solving skills. Why ROK Blocks? Young childrens; hands are not very strong or well-coordinated, so a really good interlocking building block has to be self-aligning. Get two ROK Blocks close together and their funny-shaped cones guide them into alignment. A little squeeze and the building blocks snap together. A stacking block won't hold a child's attention for long if they can't make something fun to play with. ROK Blocks are made in a unique, patent pending way that allows them to build both up and out in three dimensions. They assemble in thousands of different ways compared to traditional building blocks. This makes it easy to build fun models like trucks, cars, houses, planes, and helicopters. ROK Blocks are compatible with all other Rokenbok sets and can be used in your child's most advanced Rokenbok creation ten years from now.
For ages 3 and up
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Rokenbok Get ROK'n Young Builder & Action Set (Toy)

Get ROK'n is a building set and a great introduction to Rokenbok remote control interaction. This set combines our full function remote control Dump Truck with ROK Blocks, the revolutionary preschool building blocks, and a Motorized Conveyor with chutes and loading docks for sorting and delivery. With this construction set all the action is controlled by the ROK Star Controller which can control any number of Rokenbok machines with a single, wireless controller. There are significant demonstrated benefits in playing with construction toys like Rokenbok that promote creativity, out-of-the-box problem solving, and confidence from the earliest age. Rokenbok is more than a high quality, meticulously-designed toy system - it's a set of fun tools that brings growth to your living room floor! Add additional RC cars and building sets sold separately.
For ages 3 and up
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Rokenbok ROK Works Construction & Action Set (Toy)

ROK Works engineering and construction set may be the best way to start your Rokenbok world. It has everything a young engineer needs to build a vibrant, interactive construction site. Put the remote control Loader to work with the included ROK Star Controller (RC Contoller). Steer your RC Cars left and right. Spin it. Back it up. Scoop, haul, and dump. Then dump a load of ROK balls into the Motorized Conveyor and watch it come to life, automatically. ROKs are lifted into a chute system where they are sorted and stored in spring-loaded dumping bins. Designed to be a home base, this building set is the best starting point for anyone looking to create a dynamic, expandable Rokenbok world. ROK Works includes a broad selection of Rokenbok engineering and building pieces. The RC Monorail, RC Forklift, and ROK Lift are especially easy to add when you're ready to expand your Rokenbok world. And excellent way to introduce engineering concepts to young children. Additional RC Cars and construction sets sold separately. Skill Concepts; Problem Solving, Basic Engineering and Design, Hand-eye coordination, Spacial Skills. An excellent way to promote STEM learning. Its the perfect engineering toy for you little builder.
For ages 6 and up
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Rok Works Start Set (Toy)

Inspire young minds to create their own fun with innovative Rokenbok toys. Rokenbok combines classic building fun with interactive technology. This Starter Set includes everything you need to start the fun and ignite the imagination. Includes the Rokenbok Radio Control Center, 1 control pad, 1 radio control vehicle and 1 power conveyor. This expandable system integrates with any Rokenbok building set for unlimited building possibilities. 152-pc. set. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Ages 6 and up.
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Rokenbok Power ROK-Lift (Toy)

Build upon your Rokenbok Starter Set with this exciting Power Rok-Lift! Load, lift and unload Rokenbok pieces for hours. Includes a vehicle activated power lift, towering chute system and giant ROK slide. Completely compatible with other Rokenbok pieces for endless construction fun. 110 pieces. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Ages 6 and up.
For ages 6 and up
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Rokenbok Construction World III (Toy)

Our Ultimate Action-Packed Construction Set! Max out your Rokenbok adventure with this giant building set and build the Grand Central Station or Rokenbok Suspension Bridge. Make the largest buildings ever! With 485 building pieces, this set includes roadways, chutes, railway tracks, and cool architectural elements. Drive your Monorail through the twists and turns under Grand Central Station and power up your vehicles to operate the chutes! Dump your ROK balls and watch the chute system sort them all out! Then head over later for a pick up. After Grand Central Station, take to the streets with the Construction World III Suspension Bridge. Using real engineering principles, the Suspension Bridge stretches an astonishing 6 feet! Avoid a traffic jam in ROK city and divert traffic ASAP. Whether you are weaving your way through the Grand Central Station's monorail tracks or parading across the Suspension Bridge, both builds are guaranteed to be full of fun and learning!
For ages 6 and up
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Rokenbok Inventor's Tool Box (Toy)

The Inventor's Tool Box is an enormous new construction set that contains everything a master Rokenbok builder needs to create the ultimate aerial tramway, a vehicle-powered bascule bridge and a personnel elevator, all at the same time! The Inventor's Tool Box is a 618-piece assortment of everything a Rokenbok inventor needs to construct the most challenging and imposing build yet! Included are the brand new parts from the Inventor's Kit: 30 and 60 degree angle blocks, pulleys, hinges, swivel blocks, tow hooks, wheels and axles, and single snap blocks plus a large assortment of the most popular Rokenbok component parts. Just add your existing RC Monorail and two other Rokenbok RC vehicles to operate the most outrageous creation in the world of Rokenbok! The Inventor's Tool Box includes: *30 degree angle blocks *60 degree angle blocks *Pulleys *Hinges *Swivel blocks * Tow hooks *Wheels and Axles *Single Snap Blocks
List Price: $144.99 USD
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What child doesn't love to create and build? It's one of many reasons that building sets are so popular with kids. We always had plenty of different kinds of construction sets at home and they never failed to keep my son entertained for hours for days on end. Rokenbok...