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Alphabet Learning Elmo

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It’s hard to find a child who doesn’t enjoy Sesame Street and the adorable characters that dwell there. As long as Sesame Street exists and there are children who love it, there will be toys to make those children happy. Here are some of the best of the many toys available.

1. Anatex Mini Play Cube

The Mini Play Cube by Anatex is perfect for curious toddlers. The 12″ x 12″ cube allows them to learn or practice with counting, letter identification, color recognition, eye-hand coordination, visual tracking and other cognitive skills. It includes a mini-coaster, a pathfinder, gears, spinning alpha-numeric tiles, and an abacus, and can be placed on a tabletop or the floor. It is recommended for kids 3 and up, but younger gifted children will certainly find it fun and entertaining. More than that, it will give toddlers some practice with fine motor skill development.

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2. Sesame Street Plush Gund
Gund is known for its cuddly plush toys. They are always well-made and stand up well to all the love that children give them. We had a number of Gund brand Sesame Street plush toys. My son had to be the world’s biggest fan of all the characters, so he gave them plenty of love over the years. They went with him everywhere and spent the night with him cuddled closely. We still have them and although they don’t look new, they are still in pretty good shape. These plush toys come in all sizes from the smallest 4 1/2″ beanie style plush to the 17″ plush.

GUND Sesame Street Elmo 13" Plush

Price: $14.35

4.5 out of 5 stars (874 customer reviews)

47 used & new available from $12.30

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3. Sesame Street Alphabet Foam Floor Puzzles
This is really more than a simple floor puzzle. It consists of 27 – 4″ x 4″ puzzle pieces made of a soft, but durable foam. Kids can put the pieces together to lie flat on the floor and even connect some to spell words. Of course, they can’t spell words that repeat letters like “see,” unless you buy more than one set, but the puzzle is still great fun for those verbally gifted kids that are fascinated by letters. Even if your child isn’t one of those verbally gifted kids, this puzzle is still a lot of fun to play with. Kids can also put the pieces together to create cubes which they can toss around without doing any damage. Each piece has a letter with a picture representing the letter. The pictures are so cute too! For instance, the letter E piece has a picture of Elmo riding an elephant.

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4. Sesame Street Sesame Street Neighborhood Playset

This playset can provide hours of fun for your Sesame Street-loving child. It consists of the two most iconic places on the street: Hooper’s Store and 1-2-3 Sesame Street, complete with the front stoop and Oscar in his garbage can. The two places are hinged so that when they are opened, they create part of the street. Kids can play with the characters then in front of the street in the front or go to the back and find more play space like a dollhouse. The playset closes up and latches shut, keeping anything inside safe and less likely to get lost. It comes with Elmo and Cookie Monster, but additional characters may be purchased separately.

Fisher-Price Sesame Street Neighborhood Friends Playset

Price: ---

3.1 out of 5 stars (7 customer reviews)

0 used & new available from

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5.Sesame Street K’Nex

If you’re familiar with k’nex, you know what wonderfully creative toys they are. You may not have seen Kid K’nex, though. Kid K’nex is to K’nex what Duplo is to Legos. The principle is the same, but they are designed for smaller fingers. Kid K’nex has a very large selection of Sesame Street themed sets, including the famous 1-2-3 Brownstown. There is also a firehouse, a fire truck, an ice cream truck, and a police care. In addition to buildings and vehicles, there are also sets for building some of the characters like Ernie and Grover. Those characters are larger sets. The building and vehicle sets come with one of more little characters. For instance, the police car comes with a little Elmo dressed in a police officer’s uniform.
For ages 24 months and up

Kid K'Nex - Neighborhood Collection, 1-2-3 Brownstone Building Set

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4.5 out of 5 stars (4 customer reviews)

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6. Playskool Sesame Street Let’s Rock! Cookie Monster Keyboard

If your child loves Sesame Street and you’d like to introduce him to the keyboard, this is the perfect way to to it. I bought a similar keyboard for my son when he was about 2 1/2 years old. He wrote his first song on it: “I love you–hoo.” Okay, so he wasn’t a Mozart, but he did go on to study music theory in college. The keyboard has just 13  notes and 3 preschool songs (including the ABC song), but your child can also create his own songs on the light-up keys. The recommended age is 18 months and up, but I wouldn’t hesitate to get it for younger gifted kids.

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7. Fisher-Price® Sesame Street Singing Pop-Up Pals
These little pop-ups are so much for for the little Sesame Street fans. Your child can press on the buttons in front of where each character is “hiding” and the character will then pop out and sing their favorite song. Ernie sings Rubber Duckie, Elmo sings Elmo’s World Theme Song, Cookie Monster sings “C” is for Cookie, and Oscar sings I Love Trash.

Fisher-Price Sesame Street Singing Pop-Up Pals

Price: ---

3.8 out of 5 stars (50 customer reviews)

5 used & new available from

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8.  Elmo Flip Open Sofa
Any Sesame Street loving child should enjoy this sofa. She can sit on it as as if t were a sofa, but just in her size. She can also unfold it so that it is something like a hide-a-bed, giving her more room to stretch out. And unlike grown-up sofas, this one, weighing under 5 pounds can be easily moved from room to room.

Marshmallow Furniture, Children's 2 in 1 Flip Open Foam Sofa, Sesame Street's Elmo/Sesame, by Spin Master

Price: $34.99

4.6 out of 5 stars (542 customer reviews)

2 used & new available from $34.99

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9. Sesame Street Hopscotch

Is your child active? Does he like to jump around? Then this hopscotch mat should be fun. Not only will it help your use up some excess energy, it will also help practice balancing skills. The mat is 30″ X 60″ and includes 6 3″ bean bags, each with one of the most beloved Sesame Street characters on it.

Sesame Street Rug - Hopscotch Activity Area Mat

Price: $33.99

4.5 out of 5 stars (5 customer reviews)

1 used & new available from $33.99

10. Sesame Street 2 sided puzzle
Two-sided puzzles are great for gifted kids because they tend to add a little more challenge. This 24-piece puzzle has a winter scene on one side and a summer scene on the other side. What makes it even more fun for Sesame Street fans is that each scene is filled with Sesame Street characters!

Sesame Street 2 sided puzzle (Winter/Summer)

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11. Sesame Street 130Piece Wood Block Set

Sesame Street lovers who enjoy playing with blocks will love this set. It features some recognizable parts of buildings kids see on the program all the time. It also includes blocks with pictures of some of the characters. If you have an ambitious block builder with other sets of wood building blocks, he could use pieces from the other sets to build a whole town!

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12.  Sesame Street Elmo’s Find & Learn Alphabet Blocks

Young gifted kids (especially the verbally gifted ones) who also love Elmo will love this toy. They can listen to Elmo identify letters, sing the alphabet song, and even ask them questions. All a child has to do is place one of the 7 blocks that come with the toy on Elmo’s lap so that a letter is facing forward. It Elmo is in identify mode, he’ll state what the letter is. If he is in the question mode, he will ask for the block with the letter a word begins with, such as “kite” for the letter “k.”

Sesame Street Elmo's Find & Learn Alphabet Blocks

Price: ---

3.5 out of 5 stars (34 customer reviews)

2 used & new available from

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It's hard to find a child who doesn't enjoy Sesame Street and the adorable characters that dwell there. As long as Sesame Street exists and there are children who love it, there will be toys to make those children happy. Here are some of the best of the many...