minority gifted childrenIdentifying gifted children can be difficult, but it’s often even more difficult when the child is 2e (twice exceptional – gifted and LD). Because their learning disability hides their giftedness and their giftedness hides their LD, these kids look like average kids and so don’t get the services they need for either their learning disability or their giftedness. Gifted kids from language or racial minorities are often left out of gifted programs  due to problems with identification.

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Minority Children in Gifted Education: A Problem and a Solution
This is an excellent article by Jack Naglieri, creator of the Naglieri Non-Verbal Test for children. He explains the problems in trying to identify children with different cultural or language experiences than those reflected in most IQ tests.

Tips for Parents: Meeting the Needs of Twice-Exceptional Children
Although this article from the Davidson Institute is fairly old (2002), it contains valuable information about 2e kids that is as true today as it was then. It also offers specific strategies for parents to use in helping and advocating for their 2e child.