test takingTesting. That’s what many parents think of first when they learn or suspect that they have a gifted child on their hands. But navigating through all the information on testing can be confusing and frustrating. You are most likely to have many questions. Should you have you have your child tested? What kind of test? When? How old should your child be?


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Tests & Assessments
The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) has an excellent overview of testing, with basic information about testing, including information on the different kinds of tests as well as information on when to test your child, when to test, why to test, and even who should do the testing.

Why Should I Have My Child Tested?
Carolyn K, founder and director of the Hoagies Gifted Education page, has written an excellent and very thorough article answering just about every question you might have about testing. She explains the various types of testing (IQ, achievement, etc.) and other testing concepts, such as test ceilings. She also explains when you should have testing done and, of course, why.